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How might we work together?

1 to 1 Consultations

The classic way to get to know each other and begin working together. Although face-to-face is ideal, I am happy to work both over the telephone and Skype where necessary.

Speaking and Lecturing

I am an experienced lecturer at both undergraduate and post-graduate level, whilst I have provided talks in both sporting and corporate worlds around topics such as resilience, leadership and fear of failure. 


A fun and insightful way to bring to life strategies which can then be used on the coalface. From confidence and concentration, to practice design and coaching skills, we have it covered. The interactive nature of these sessions make for deeper and more meaningful learning to take place. 

The Audit

In order to achieve high performing, sustainable and psychologically safe environments, robust organisational processes and systems are absolutely vital. Through detailed observation and discussion, I can help you better understand where perhaps tweaks can be made, strengths highlighted and further opportunities developed. 

Focus Groups

Open and honest relationships can be difficult, but create true development for individuals and people. A great method of bringing groups together to analyse, discuss and debate particular topics, challenges or opportunities in order to facilitate continual improvement and necessary change. 

Coach Education Courses

I provide education courses to coaches in order to help facilitate training that is conducive to performing under pressure and long-term learning. I also assist coaches  in developing their capacity to provide basic Psychological Skills Training to their players and athletes. 

Wellbeing Clinics

Your wellbeing is paramount to living an enjoyable and healthy life. It also has a substantial impact on your ability to perform at your best. Learn how to manage and develop your wellbeing whilst also consistently performing at your best.

Student Tuition

Sport psychology can be a tough slog as a student. If you are finding it particularly overwhelming, I can provide tuition to school, college and university students in order to help you reach your education goals.

Areas of expertise

Confidence & Resilience

Skill Development

Thriving in Injury

Focus of Attention

Career Transitions


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with regards to fees. These vary

depending on the nature of the work and your particular circumstance!

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