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The skills an athlete may learn are transferrable across a number of environments. As such, Mike is extremely happy and enjoys working within all sports as well as business settings. However, he is currently working at both a professional and amateur level in the below areas of speciality.


Rugby Union
Five years working in a professional rugby team has provided experience and knowledge to ensure Mike's work is informed by more than just the textbook. 

Tennis Ball


Mike's affiliation with a tennis club in South London has allowed for his work to develop with both tennis coaches in practice design, and players in skill development. 

Image by Thomas Serer


In late Summer 2020, Mike started a role as the Academy Psychologist with a renowned North-London club. This has allowed him to gain invaluable work and insight into the beautiful game.

Red Cricket Ball


Having played professionally, Mike is well qualified to help those players and coaching looking to find the psychological edge once they cross the boundary

Image by Will Porada


Golf has provided opportunities to work with both professionals and amateurs alike, meaning those looking to go pro and players simply looking to improve in their local competitions can be cared for.

Business Research

Corporate settings
Mike works with a Global Mobility firm in the City, looking specifically at facilitating employee well-being and mental health literacy. Check out Products for more!

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