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Stress Management, Performing Under Pressure and Mental Health Literacy Program

Mind Poise endeavours to provide organisations, both large and small, with the tools to thrive. Through education and consultation on Stress Management, Performing Under Pressure and Mental Health Literacy, employees will develop the foundations from which they can grow into professionals who enjoy their work, are motivated to perform and have robust confidence for any situation.

Employers are constantly looking at ways to improve workplace wellbeing. All too often however, this is seen as a ‘tick box’ exercise, leading to support that is short-term in nature, superficial and ineffective. It’s a membership with a wellness app, increasing the amount of time spent on mobile phones, and engaging in generic self-help advice. Workplace wellbeing is crying out for an integrated, continual, and sustainable product that caters for the needs of a business and its employees in real time. This is where the diagnostic tool Humanly comes in.

Spotlight Profiling

Michael is a Licensed Practitioner who can bring SpotlightPROFILE and SpotlightTEAMS to life in a way that suits your team's and business’s needs. 

Consultant Psychologist

A key part of organisational development is about managing how people adapt to change at work and ensuring they have the capacity to meet the demands placed upon them. Workplaces are constantly shifting and with so many moving parts, it’s important to ensure these parts are well-oiled, working harmoniously and capable of coping with what is thrown at them. By integrating evidence-based, psychological principles throughout your business, you give yourself the best opportunity of reaching and exceeding your vision.

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